Shore leave has never been this relaxing.

Lolita Spock - Hotjam Cosplay
Photo - Dewey (Arda Wigs)

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Anime Boston 2014 - Umineko No Naku Koro Ni Chiru (Dawn of the Golden Witch) Shoot - “There are 17 people.”


credits: Erika Furudo cosplayed by shadowsofanightmare, Frederika Bernkastel cosplayed by traumaticcandy, Beatrice is cosplayed by me, redustrial-ruin, Battler Ushiromiya cosplayed by maxieyi-marz

Photo by:Lazzaro Studios

please witness my contribution in this lovely thing


Handmaid - Hotjam Cosplay
Photos - wafflesinkphotography

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#Sansa (Wedding Gown) from #GoT ( SeattleCosplay / photo : Danny Ngan / source : / #EmeraldCityComicon 2014

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I feel like I should share this.
I found an amazing Youtube Channel with incredible makeup tutorials for cosplayers, including specific makeup for lots of famous characters.

They include SNK


Dangan Ronpa




and many others


Plus some really cool generic makeup tips, very useful either you’re a cosplayer or not!

Here’s the channel!

(Source: holytalia)

Jakotsu - Hotjam Cosplay
Photos - Dreamcatcher Productions

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Here is my tentative Metrocon cosplay line up. Things may change if money is an issue but I hope to have everything done for the con.
Friday - Levi
Friday night - Formal Levi
Saturday - Prince Gumball
Saturday night - Jakotsu
Sunday - Servant of Evil Len

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Here is that make up and wig test I promised you guys! In the Disney Villains group we are doing in May I will be Cruella. I ordered the wig off of EBay like this so I didn’t style it at all. Since the 40’s had simple make up I kept the look natural with a pop of lip color.

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Whoops no sewing today. Been helping Erica with her first job and getting her settled. So excited she gets to work now.

I got my wig in for the Retro Disney Villain group. This was my first time in a while that I ordered from EBay. I opened the box to find such an amazing wig. I have no styling to do and it makes me happy that it is just up to me to finish the cosplays before May.