Captain Jack Sparrow.. Essie
Photographer.. Felix

Gifs.. nanahayashi

Spock Shore Leave Beach Shoot.
Umicon 2014 
Editing done by myself
Photos by my friend Raven

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While at Umicon I did a Spock Beach Shoot. Here are some of the photos from the shoot.

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Captain I swear this was totally logical… #spock #startrek #starfleet #startrektos #tos #vulcan #cosplay #crossplay #livelongandprosper #derp #logical #totallylogical

tags: Spock + Star Trek + star trek tos + tos + cosplay + crossplay + derp +


So I found Doug Dimmadome at Dragon Con


Yesterday I made a waist cincher for one of the three Halloween costumes I’m making and will take with me to Spooky Empire. A certain hat inspired this look and will be worn with it. It is another Disney cosplay. Just need to add grommets. This fabric is a pure wool pin stripe suiting and feels oh so nice. #disney #cosplay #burlesque #halloween #spookyempire #waistcincher #sewing


DSCF7796_crop by NelC

Luna Lovegood cosplay

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Ok, this is not really new but here are some more pics of the deer costume ~(˘▾˘~)… since I just made a quick post on blogger about last Tea Party. So, if you’re interested just take a look (◕‿◕) :


Got the last two rings and brooch for Thranduil last night. Now I must focus on making the outfit! #thranduil #thehobbit #cosplay #crossplay #rings #brooch

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