Amazing cosplayers at AFO! If you’re one of these people and you want me to tag you feel free to send me an ask ^^

hotjamcosplay as Sherlock

zenturtle as Kyoya Otori

Picture of my Sherlock cosplay found!

"Love will thaw."

Photography: Sol Photography

Cosplay: Elsa & Anna


Still fishing around for photographs of my Male Elsa.

But here’s what it looks like in case the internet haven’t seen it.

King Elias of Arendelle. I picked Elias because it’s the most accurate and closest Scandinavian variant of Elsa (Elizabeth).


A great picture of our Prince group taken by Short Fuse Pinups.

Shawn White: all-the-second-chances

Mariel: Alix

Aubrora: aobabyboo

Esmeraldude: aishizaya

Merdude: Me 

Mana: korilla-killa

Tiano: kotewa-sodesu

Meg: godtierboots


MetroRouge! Supernatural/Moulin Rouge Crossover - Metrocon ‘14

I guess I’m one of the people who hasn’t posted a whole set of their individual/pair photos yet. So yeah here’s my can-can Abaddon. There’s close to 120 yards of ruffles in that skirt and I made it in under a week.

[Crowley, Bobby, Sam, Gabriel, Dean, Castiel, Abaddon]

[Photos by samskinuity and sakunade-cosplay]


Also posted on my Instagram, but here’s a higher quality photo of my Castiel cosplay from MetroCon this past weekend. I’m so happy how the wings came out..!


Last minute pics of our Demolition Duo before we retired for the day! I couldn’t be happier with the response we got. SO MUCH JAK AND DAXTER LOVE!
Daxter here my stupidly awesome friend  banner . EVEN THOUGH YOU ARE AMAZING I STILL GET TOP BILLING HAH!

Photos taken by  blueeyesdante and edited by me :)


This is my friend’s favorite photo of me from Metrocon. I cant disagree


Series: Sailor Moon
Style: Burlesque
Uranus: Blue Shoes Cosplay / blueshoescosplay
Neptune: MEW21 Cosplay / mew21cosplay
Photographer: Short Fuse Pinups
/ shortfusepinups

Full series of photos on our Facebook pages.



A Moulin Rouge!/Supernatural crossover at Metrocon

Otherwise entitled “This is entirely within the realm of canonic possibility”; Gabriel watched Moulin Rouge! one night and gets an idea

[Crowley, Bobby, Sam, Gabriel, Dean, Castiel, Abaddon]